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Lottery rules

1. Only registered members are eligible for the lottery.

2. The lottery is 100% winning.

3. The points earned in the lottery can be used immediately.

4. Points earned by lottery can be deducted at the time of order or used for cash exchange

Rules for getting a chance to draw

1. After registering as a member, you will receive one lottery chance.

2. You will receive one lottery chance for each payment order.

3. Members will receive one lottery chance for each upgrade.

4. You will receive one lottery chance on the day of the member’s birthday.

5. One lottery chance will be added to all members on the store anniversary.

About the prize

First prize: 50$ 

Second prize: 30$

Third prize: 20$

4th prize: 15$

5th prize: 10$

6th prize: 5$

7th Prize: 3$

8th Prize: 1$


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