Store Name: Silicone Healthy
Manager: Litta
Place of production of the factory: Guangdong Province, China
Contact: LINE:  
Telephone number: 0755 2309 4763
Business hours: 10:00~19:00
Payment Methods: Credit card, bank transfer, PayPal

Handling Products

Our store specializes in the sale of adult goods and has a rich product lineup. The main products include love dolls, Chinese love dolls, Japan love dolls, lolidol, Western love dolls, sex dolls, etc.

Below is detailed information about our operating principles:

Selling only genuine products:
The sex dolls we offer in our shop are only available from authorized manufacturers that have been selected based on strict criteria.
We conclude a distributorship agreement with the manufacturer before sales, and conduct visual inspections after product production.
If there is a defective or dirty product, we will promptly report it to the manufacturer and carry out the appropriate return procedure.

Selling at a fair price:
ikudoll provides products to customers at reasonable prices while ensuring fair profits by considering market value and cost.
We value transparency and publish information about pricing.

Quick and convincing response:
Love dolls are particularly expensive products, and we respond quickly and understandably to your questions and concerns.
We will respond promptly to inquiries before purchase, after purchase, and after the product arrives through phone, email, and official website.

Our Guarantee:

We guarantee the quality of the sex dolls you purchase.
Product detail pages and specialized pages provide information on the correct use of sex dolls and quality assurance.
Even if the shipment is shipped in perfect condition, we understand that the product may break, and we provide courteous support.
Based on these principles, ikudoll provides services that customers can use with peace of mind. We sincerely respond to any questions and requests and deliver high-quality adult products and services.