Refer-a-Friend Campaign

Permanent Friend Referral Campaign is underway!

After completing the registration of our membership, we will prepare a friend refer-a-friend campaign!

We will provide you with a share link for the refer-a-friend campaign in the member center!

Refer-a-Friend Campaign

Joy for you and your friends!

If you share the refer-a-friend campaign link with your friends and they register as members of our store, you will receive 100 points for the invitee and 100 points for the invited! *1

Also, when you place an order…!

We will give a coupon equivalent to 2% of the order amount to the invitee, and a coupon equivalent to 2% of the order price to the invited! *2

Notes on the Refer-a-Friend Campaign

*1: Up to 1,000 points can be given as a gift! *You can invite up to 10 people.

*2: Only one coupon will be given for each of the coupons.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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