Flow of defective goods

In spite of the detailed check procedure carried out before the item is shipped, if there is any damage or delay to the item, the following is the flow and the caution of the defective goods correspondence.


If there is any damage or delay to the product you have received, please report the issue from the “contact” page of the homepage.

Prompt response

We try to respond as fast as possible.

matters needing attention

  1. Procedures can take a long time

    • Returns and exchanges may take some time as there are multiple verification procedures. However, we will respond responsibly to our customers.
  2. Refusal at the discretion of our shop

    • In some cases, we may refuse returns or exchanges at our discretion. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. Possible scratches and stains during transportation

    • Products transported directly from overseas may have minor scratches and abrasions depending on transportation conditions. Thank you for your understanding.
  4. About Ordering Customization

    • Customized products will not be returned for any other reason, as long as they are defective or different due to manufacturer’s production.
  5. About the goods produced

    • Only defects or differences due to products produced in the order request or manufacturer’s production cannot be returned or exchanged for other reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

Precautions for returns and exchanges

    1. Eligible cases

      • Returns and exchanges are limited to the case of initial defects.
    2. Return shipping fee in case of initial defect

      • In case of initial defect, our shop will bear the return shipping fee.
    3. Customer’s Convenience Returns

      • For returns due to customer’s convenience, the customer will be responsible for the return shipping fee.
    4. Cases that cannot be accepted

      • We cannot accept returns for the following reasons.
        • I want to change to another product.
        • I don’t plan to use it anymore
        • Returns and exchanges of sale items (excluding initial defects)
        • If it does not apply to other return and exchange rules other than the above

    The above is the flow and precautions for dealing with defective products. We try to make sure that our customers get a smooth response.