What is coupon?

Coupon is the shopping discount offered by our shop. Purchasers can receive certain shopping discounts when buying items.

How can I use coupons?

1, you must first receive a coupon at the member center before using the coupon.

2, when you receive a coupon, it is automatically loaded in the “order confirmation screen”.

3, the amount of coupon is automatically subtracted from the system according to the amount of the coupon.

Coupon rules

1, you can receive a coupon at the member center only membership member.

2, coupons are only available for order and cannot be exchanged for cash.

3, birthday coupons can be used only for birthdays.

4, coupon past expiration cannot be used.

5, You can use only one coupon for 5 or 1 times and use coupon only once

6, If there are 6 or more coupons, the system preferentially uses a large coupon.

7, coupon will be automatically returned if you cancel your order before payment, you can use it later.

8, the coupon is not returned and the coupon is not returned, and cannot be reused later.